What is Ascend?

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Ascend is a powerful software application designed specifically to be an off-the-shelf application for owners and operators of electric distribution, generation and/or transmission facilities, who need to determine the capacity of equipment and systems to transfer electric power during any steady state or temporary environmental condition. The application consists of a multitude of functions, however it can be characterized as an engineering computation and asset management tool that is intuitive and user-friendly. Some of the features of uses of Ascend are:

  • Determine the capacity rating of:
    • Circuit Breakers
    • Disconnects
    • Current Transformers
    • Circuit Switchers
    • Gas Insulated Bus
    • Wave Traps
    • Air-Core Reactors
    • Auto Transformers
    • 2-Winding Transformers
    • 3-Winding Transformers
    • Phase-Shifting Transformers
    • Shunt Reactors
    • Gas Insulated Substations
    • Rigid Circular Bus
    • Bare Overhead Conductors
    • Rigid Circular Bus
    • Universal Angle Bus
    • Integral Web Channel Bus
    • Gas Insulated Bus
    • Metal Enclosed Switchgear
    • Covered and Spacer Cables
    • Line Reclosers
    • Shunt Capacitors
    • Series Capacitors
    • Voltage Regulators
    • And more …..
  • Create station configurations, distribution circuits and transmission lines and
    determine their capacity ratings
  • Deploy on a network and allow all who need this information for their work to view and print reports
  • Ascend’s user-friendly, yet powerful administrator functions allow read only, edit, and restricted access privileges that enable an organization to meet FERC Codes of Conduct requirements, NERC Standards, and more.
  • A comprehensive relay database that also computes relay and secondary device ratings. Calculate and store distance relay settings and draw Mho diagrams the capacity rating.
  • Allow operators of transmission and/or distribution systems to run capacity rating computations on records of facilities using current weather conditions to assist in system contingencies without disturbing the master record.
  • A secure database of system facility records

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