Training & Support


OrionMagnetics excels in the area of theoretical and practical training programs in capacity rating of electric power equipment. Our training philosophy is not centered about our software, Ascend. Our programs are designed to provide student(s) with a solid foundation that includes theory (including the dreaded math), practical examples and applications, as well as examples that pertain specifically to facilities or equipment owned by the client. We usually reserve a few hours towards the end of the program to introduce Ascend and demonstrate its power and functionality.

Training programs can be customized to the clients needs and schedule. Tells us what you want and we’ll propose a program to meet your requirements.


Support is an integral part of developing and selling sophisticated applications. Clients are given 12-months technical support as part of the sale of a license. Clients who elect to purchase our optional annual maintenance contract are entitled to technical support and software upgrades during the term of the contract.

Software support can be accessed via telephone from the hours 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST. Special arrangements can be made with OrionMagnetics for support after 6:00 PM EST or a Saturday, if a client requires it.

Technical support is not limited only to our software. We believe in educating our clients by providing constructive tutorials that are specific to the tasks and applications our clients face.

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