Transmission System Integrity Audits

The onslaught of transmission outages in recent years has prompted regulatory and reliability agencies to become more stringent in the methodology and requirements with maintaining and operating transmission systems. Our background is especially suited for evaluating and providing 3rd party field audits of transmission systems. Some of the services we offer in this area are

  • Inspection of overhead facilities, including hardware inspections, measurement of footing resistances and comprehensive structure grounding evaluations
  • Station evaluations that include inspections and testing of grounding system, control house inspections and grounding evaluations, security audits, equipment inspections
  • Underground cable system evaluations that include testing thermal resistivity of soils and thermal rating methodology, test methodology, grounding and bonding inspection of cables and vaults
  • Fault analysis and circuit breaker fault interrupting audits.
  • and more.

Our knowledge base and experience in this field enables us to be efficient in our methodology. As a result, the cost for our inspections and audits is affordable and reasonable. Please give us a call to discuss our services.

We currently travel throughout the North American continent and abroad for our clients

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