Soil Resistivity Measurements

Soil resistivity data forms the basis of designs and studies of grounding systems, including electromagnetic interference analyses. Improper test practices and interference from undesirable conductive paths can have a profound impact on the quality of data and thus designs and study results. It is for this reason that only trained engineers who understand soil models and conductive interference pitfalls perform our measurements.

OrionMagnetics uses geological survey equipment to perform all soil resistivity measurements. The primary reason is the output power capability (400 volts, 800 watts minimum) and accuracy of these units are generally superior to other soil resistivity meters. Having this capability is necessary for working in highly resistive soils and rock and traversing over long distances.

OrionMagnetics guarantees that our measurements will be performed with multiple iterations with a standard deviation between iterations that is at or below 0.2%, and that are also free from the effects of conductive interference. All measurement data is rendered to our clients in both standard report and electronic spreadsheet format to facilitate easy transfer to software applications. We can provide measurements using any protocol requested. For example: Wenner 4-Pin Method, Schlumberger, Dipole-Dipole, etc.

We also provide data interpretation services, as well, if clients are interested in knowing depths and quantity of layers and their respective apparent resistivity values.

Thermal Resistivity Measurements

We also provide thermal resistivity measurements and surveys. This information is generally used in the design or studies of underground electric cable systems or gas pipelines . Our measurements are conducted according to the requirements of ASTM D5334

We are equipped with an all terrain vehicle to perform surveys and simple measurements in any terrain.

OrionMagnetics is an international provider of services. We currently travel throughout the North American continent and abroad for our clients

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