Grounding System and Grid Assessments

OrionMagnetics’ expertise in the area of grounding system evaluations is unparalleled in the electric power industry. We have invested much in this area with respect to resources, test equipment and techniques since it has become in an important component of our business. Testing of grounding systems is unlike testing of devices and equipment, where test techniques and protocols are fixed and acceptable values are documented. Every grounding system is unique and introduces challenges, some more than others. It is for these reasons that all testing and evaluations performed by OrionMagnetics is conducted by an experienced engineer that has been trained in the design and evaluations of grounding systems.

The following is partial list of services we offer in the area of grounding system assessments:

  • Step and touch potential measurements and qualifications using human body simulators. Our evaluations can be done according to the following standards:

    CENELEC HD 637 S1

    IEEE 80

    IEC 60479, 61201

  • High-current ground impedance (also referred to as ground resistance) measurements
  • Ground Potential Rise (GPR) evaluations as a function of distance
  • Ground conductor integrity testing (µΩ) using high-current dc
  • Telecommunications site evaluations
  • Equipotential plane/zone evaluations
  • Hybrid evaluations using computer models and test data to evaluate grounding system performance

OrionMagnetics is an international provider of services. We currently travel throughout the North American continent and abroad for our clients.

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