Electromagnetic Interference & Disturbance Investigations

The staff at OrionMagnetics have a strong background in the design and maintenance of distribution, generation and transmission systems and equipment, including power quality. Our background has enabled us to excel in the broad field of electromagnetic Interference and disturbance investigations. The area characterize by these two terms is very broad and encompasses many types of anomalies that can occur in electric power systems. The following is a sample of our accomplished areas of expertise:

  • Electric Contacts/Accident Investigations
  • AMI metering disturbances and mis-operations
  • Transmission line hardware failures, poles fires, dry soil conditions around structures
  • High neutral voltage, stray voltages
  • Induced voltages from transmission and distribution sources onto railroads, gas and petroleum pipelines, fences, guardrails, buildings, etc.
  • Electrical anomalies occurring with equipment within substations, transmission switchyards and generating stations
  • Electrical arcing between components of a grounding system.
  • Measurements of Electric and Magnetics Fields (EMF)

Our knowledge base and experience in this field enables us to be efficient in our methodology. As a result, the cost for our investigations is affordable and reasonable. Please give us a call to discuss your issue.

We currently travel throughout the North American continent and abroad for our clients.

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