FERC and NERC Compliance

Electrical blackouts in the United States are not common, however the occurrence of these events since the onslaught of the modern transmission system has shaped the regulatory, reliability and security standards that we have today. The Northeast blackout on August 14, 2003, which effected nearly 55 million people in the United States and Canada, fostered a regiment of transmission reliability standards that owners and operators of commercial and merchant transmission facilities must adhere.

The primary agencies that develop and facilitate market practices and reliability standards in the United States are The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), a US federal agency, and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

There are also regional reliability agencies such as the Northeast Power Coordinating Council Inc. (NPCC), and several independent system operators (ISO) of transmission facilities throughout the United States that also shape and govern the reliability and security of our interconnected transmission system.

The FERC and NERC have developed a comprehensive portfolio of communications, facility design and construction, and reliability standards that are enforced through on-site audits and civil penalties for non-compliance. Standards such as FERC Standards of Conduct; FERC PRC-006-SERC-01; NERC FAC-008, Facility Rating Methodology; FAC-009, Establish and Communicate Facility Ratings, etc.; have created a market and operating structure that has also introduced requirements for the products used in our interconnected transmission system.

OrionMagnetics has incorporated these standards and regulations as an integral part of the products and services we offer. Our flagship software application, OrionMagnetics Ascend™, fulfills every facet of the requirements of The FERC Standards of Conduct, NERC Standards FAC-008 and FAC-009, as well as information security. We trust that you will find our products and services complimentary to your needs as well as viable solutions for today’s stringent regulatory environment.