Thermal (Capacity) Ratings of Electric Power Facilities & NERC Compliance

Any owner and/or operator of electric power facilities and equipment should have a vested interest in knowing the capacity ratings of their system’s ability to transfer electric power. In the United States, owners and operators of interconnected electric transmission facilities are governed by the regulations and standards published by the FERC and NERC. One purpose of these regulatory agencies is to ensure a reliable transmission network that is designed and operated according to a uniform set of practices. For owners of electric power facilities that are not governed by FERC and NERC, or facilities that reside in countries outside the United States, should also consider a uniform documentation and ratings process for efficient and reliable use of their electric power facilities.

OrionMagnetics is a world leader and innovator of engineering services and solutions in the area of capacity (i.e. thermal) ratings of electric power equipment. Our team of engineers have strong roots in the electric power and utility industries, and as a result of this background we are able to offer our clients a multitude of services and solutions that are catered to their needs and budget. The following is a sample of the services we currently offer:

  • Capacity rating computations and reports of electric power equipment used in Distribution, Generation and Transmission systems, such as:

    Autotransformers; Phase Shifting, Bulk Distribution, GSU, and Network Transformers;

    MV, HV, EHV and UHV circuit breakers, gas insulated substation and switchgear, disconnects, etc;

    Rigid Circular, Rectangular, Universal Angle, Integral Web Channel, and Gas Insulated Bus and Conductors

    Current Transformers, all types;

    Metal-Enclosed Switchgear;

    Bare overhead conductors (transmission and distribution);

    Covered and spacer cable systems;

    Cable systems and networks;

    and more

  • Audits of client facilities and thermal rating methodologies;
  • Preparation of report of thermal ratings to Independent System Operators;
  • Custom software applications and databases, storage and reporting solutions;
  • Management of client records of electric power facilities on secure networks and servers (client’s have their owner servers with traceable serial numbers);
  • Establish processes and systems for clients to manage their own records of electric power equipment and systems;
  • Project consultation;

Conformance to IEEE and IEC Standards, or any standard preferred by our clients;

NERC and FERC compliance with respect to determining and communicating facility ratings and rating methodology.

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