Studies of Electrical Phenomena Occurring in the Operation of Electric Power Stations, Lines and Metering Systems

OrionMagnetics excels in the area of troubleshooting and solving complex problems occurring in most facets of the electric power distribution, generation and transmission operation. We offer low-cost consulting services and guarantee success in indentifying the source of the electrical phenomena and power-system aberrations. Some of our services include

  • Stray voltage investigations
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) from power-system facilities on railroads, gas and petroleum pipelines, communication facilities
  • Touch potential investigations due to induction, faulty grounding systems or improperly design power-facilities
  • Preventable audible noise from power-system facilities
  • False operations of equipment in electric power stations
  • Shielding failures of overhead transmission lines
  • Pole fires on transmission lines
  • Tracking-failures of OPGW
  • Line hardware failures
  • Electrical contact investigations
  • Recurring mis-operations on AMI systems
  • Unexplained and recurring events

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