Company Profile

orionmegnaticsFounded in 2009, OrionMagnetics is a privately held company comprised of electrical engineers and software developers. Although our background is primarily in the electric power industry, our knowledge, skills and abilities have been, and continue to be, applied to other industries such as Energy Exploration, Petroleum, Mining, Natural Gas Production, Railroad and Telecommunications. Wherever electric power and grounding systems reside, our expertise is a natural compliment to your needs.

OrionMagnetics consist of three divisions: Engineering and Consulting Services, Field Services, and Software Development. The Engineering and Consulting Services component of our business provides select and specialized services in electric power engineering. Our expertise is manifested in the following areas: Capacity (thermal) rating of electric power equipment and systems; Grounding systems; Electrical designs of transmission and distribution Lines; and lastly studies of electrical phenomena occurring in the operation of electric power stations, lines and metering systems. In this regard we are not a typical consulting engineering firm. Our areas of focus are limited and specialized, which allows us to be experts in our chosen disciplines.

The field services component of our business travels nationally and internationally, offering select services involving grounding system assessments, transmission system audits, electrical contact investigations, investigations of electrical phenomena and aberrations in power systems, and complex system measurements. As a result of our limited staff and low company overhead costs, we are able to offer our services at reasonable costs to our clients.

Our software development component specializes in the development of applications that are primarily used in the electric power industry. We purposely focus on this industry in order to maintain a high-level of scientific and engineering expertise that allows us create sophisticated and user-friendly applications for our cliental. OrionMagnetics is currently working on several applications as part of our portfolio of standard products. These applications, for example OrionMagnetics Ascend™, are intended to be intuitive in their design to accommodate the novice and expert, yet powerful.

Our objective is to be the next generation of service and product providers to the energy industry.